Classic Massage


In this type of massage the massage therapist uses different kinds of strokes:pressing, rubbing, tapping,gliding, friction, vibration. With the gentle heat of Solux lamp and the application of therapeutic creams it stimulates circulation and increases  blood flow to the treated area which accelerates the whole treatment process. It is an effective treatment for many conditions including degenerative joint and spine diseases, chronic back pain syndrome, chronic muscle and joint pain, postural defects, tension headaches and migraines, musculo-skeletal injuries and as an integral part of maintaining good health it relieves stress and generates wellbeing.


The aim of this type of massage is the balancing of body and mind and the promotion of relaxation. It generally reduces muscle and neural tension putting your mind and body back in harmony. It is used in depression, hyperactivity, hypertension,chronic back pain, insomnia, chronic fatique syndrome and in physical and mental burn-out. It acts as a perfect de-stressor and promotes a sense of calmness and peace. It may be combined with aromatherapy.

Deep Tissue Massage

This type of massage is slower but stronger, applying deep finger pressure on the chronically tense and contracted areas. Its aim is to release tension, treat limited mobility and improve flexibility. It is of great benefit to people who are working many hours in one position and complain of decreased mobility and range of motion after extended sitting or standing. It is focused on the deeper layers of muscle tissue and eliminates blockages that cause muscle tightness and pain. Usually 30 min of massage is enough as it may cause some soreness and discomfort during or after massage. 

Sports Massage

This massage is designed for athletes but anyone participating in sports may benefit from it. It addresses specific sports-related aches and pains and its aim is to prevent injury in sports overload. It is type of classic massage but with strokes much stronger and vigorous. It helps to eliminate fatique and muscle sores, prepares for extreme physical effort and aids in achieving the best results in sports.

Rehabilitative Massage

This type of massage as a form of posttraumatic compensation helps to recover from different injuries and eliminates or reduces pain and restriction in chronic painful conditions. It is used in the recovery period after bone fractures, joint sprains, muscle, ligament and tendon strains, soft tissue injuries, repetitive motion strains related to on job activities and multiple neurologic and orthopedic conditions. It is important that this type of massage is performed with cooperation of orthopedic surgeon involved in patient's care.

Massage as an aid in weight loss

Massage as an aid in weight loss combined with proper nutrition and exercises and minimum of 10-12 sessions can give good results. It won't do miracles on its own however and you need to change your lifestyle and habits if you want to control your weight and stay in shape. As controvercial as this type of massage is when speaking of weight loss it is thought to be able to burst the fat capsule in the subcutaneous tissue and get the fat being absorbed this way. It is supposed as well to reduce fatty tissue by improving circulation,intensifying detoxification and increasing tissue metabolism as a result. It is recommended in overweight, in problems with cellulite and as an aid in boosting appearance after child birth. It certainly reduces the dimpled appearance of the skin associated with cellulite but to maintain this result long-term, repeated sessions are necessary.

Massage in Pregnancy

This form of massage can be used profilactically to strengthen muscles before planned pregnancy or after child birth (postnatal massage) but not sooner than 2 months after delivery. In pregnancy prenatal massage is performed in the second trimester in the sitting position ot while lying on the side. The massage relaxes, reduces anxiety, relieves muscle tension, strengthens joints and ligaments by reducing stress on weight bearing joints and improves general well being. It is recommended in SPP (symphysis pubis pain), lower back pain, neck and shoulders pain, carpal tunnel syndrome. The massage therapy in pregnancy is getting more popular as more pregnant women recognise the benefits it can offer. It will make you feel well is thought to relax your baby as well.

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