Dr Grażyna Wodyńska

Dr Grazyna Wodynska, an ENT specialist, began her medical career studying at Medical University of Gdansk. Her medical practice includes 22 years of providing medical care for children and adults in the ENT Department at The Provincial Hospital in Gdansk where she completed her specialist training and further specialist training in otolaryngology.

Moreover, Dr Wodynska has ten years’ experience of working for SWISSMED; first a private clinic, and later, a private hospital, coming top of the medical facilities in Poland. Dr Wodynska has had a wealth of experience in working at an outpatient clinic as well as surgical practice. She has gained long-standing experience in the medical treatment of patients in all age groups.

Dr Wodynska’s areas of interest lie in: hearing impairment treatment, the treatment of airborne allergy in children and adults, and ENT-related breathing disorders.

Dr Wodynska attaches great importance to her continuous professional development attending laryngology conferences and symposia. Her efforts at self-improvement have also contributed to her command of foreign languages. Dr Wodynska is fluent in English and German, and she can communicate in Russian and Italian.

Medical services performed by Dr Wodynska include diagnosis and qualification for surgical treatment of the following ENT conditions and deseases:

  • Adenoid and palatine tonsils infections
  • Nasal septum deviation
  • Middle ear ( otitis media, hearing impairment)
  • Chronic paranasal sinus infections
  • Vocal fold and larynx disorders
  • Salivary gland disorders
  • Other head and neck disorders

Dr Wodynska performs some minor ear, nose, and throat surgeries:

  • Irrigation of nasal sinuses ( the Proetz procedure)
  • Paranasal sinus puncture
  • Nasal bone repositioning
  • Nasal tamponade
  • Nasal cauterization to control nosebleeding
  • Ear irrigation
  • Snipping of the tight frenulum to release the tongue
  • Taking tissue samples from a nose, oral cavity, throat and larynx

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